The Book

On the 31st September 2014, my new book will be released. Click here to go to the Amazon website to pre-order.

Tait Book Cover

Selected Reviews

“Making Learning Extraordinary is a truly extraordinary book – Five Stars! Superb. Superb. Superb.”

Ivana Winckelhamer, PhD, Author of “The Errors of Correction”

“An absolute cracker… master builder Tait takes you on a journey that breaks down the walls and inhibitions that prevents children from realizing their full potential. From fallen angels, to angel, all by the application of techniques verified using the most rigorous contextual, situated, authentic action research. Watch the outcomes flourish!”

Morgan Flaschburn, Principal Educator, Dumont High

“I remember a conference in 2002 in New Mexico. We all went to the twilight session but it was kind of boring so I ducked out and went to the terrace bar. The crimson sun was sinking below the desert horizon and I had a cool margarita in my hand. An attractive delegate called Maria who I had met briefly that morning came onto the terrace. She was bored too and so we struck up a conversation. Recently divorced, I started to wonder where the evening might take me. However, we were soon  joined by Maria’s equally attractive friend, Shauna. Although it is always pleasant to spend time in the company of beautiful women, I realised that my hopes were unlikely to be met that night. Yet both Maria and Shauna continued to be very friendly both with me and with each other. Uncomfortable as it was to consider, I started to half wonder if they were flirting with me… continues here

Erik Kartoffeln, renowned motivational speaker


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